Master Castle List

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

425 Castles and counting…..

Castles………Our Happy Place

Our obsession with castles started with Trim Castle in Ireland, which opened doors we never imagined. It was the first full day of our trip and Ryan’s first European travels. The best way to describe it was, “There was magic in them, their walls” that has never dimmed.

I watched a young man jet-lagged and apprehensive of what was ahead come fully alive and engaged. It was his epiphany and panacea. It was like taking a child to a toy store and telling them the whole store was all for them. The joy and excitement I observed were contagious and exhilarating. We did not know then its impact on both our lives. It became the central theme of our next trip and continues to be a priority at every destination.

Do we ever tire of castles?

 No, we continue to be amazed at how unique and fascinating they are, even the simplest of ruins. It is often about allowing your imagination to go back in time. We marveled and were in awe of the architecture and the long and complicated construction process it must have taken. Some of these incredible castles are sometimes still standing 1000 years later. These magnificent structures have many stories to tell if you listen carefully. Maybe we romanticize what must have been a harsh and challenging existence. But it is often what fairy tales are made of, for a good reason.

This Master Castle list includes all the castles we have personally visited. Our definition of castles is broad. We will often include fortresses and citadels under this category and palaces that date back several centuries. Then there are just a few fun modern castles, like the ones in the Disney Parks. We have broken the list down by country, not in the order we saw them.

Most castles have a link associated with them. Click on the castle name to be taken to a website for more information. Some castles, mainly in Croatia, have no link because either we could not find a reputable site or there was no link, and we tried! With each trip, the list grows, and we always welcome suggestions. We would love it if you shared your favorite castles.

We hope to share a little of the magic of our discovered castles. Open your hearts and eyes to their story, and you will be well rewarded.

Table of Contents

Countries are in alphabetical order; click on a country to jump ahead

Master Castle List
Ehrenberg Castle

Austria (30)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

Belgium (14)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

Chile (2)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

Croatia (21)

Master Castle List

The Czech Republic (7)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

Denmark (11)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List
Lowther Castle England

England (26)

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Master Castle List, Master Castle List

France (51)

Master Castle List
Lichtenstein Castle

Germany (25)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

Greece (12)

Master Castle List

Hungary (3)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

Ireland (21)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

Italy (27)

Master Castle List

Liechtenstein (4)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

Luxembourg (1)

Master Castle List

Malta (4)

Master Castle List

Mexico (1)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

Monaco (1)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

Montenegro (3)

Master Castle List

The Netherlands (3)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

Northern Ireland (2)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

Norway (1)

Master Castle List

Panama (2)

Castillo de Sa Lorenzo del Chargres

Castillo de la Santiago Portobelo (ruins) (No page found)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List
Castelo de Sao Joao Arade

Portugal (16)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List
Dumfries Castle, Scotland

Scotland (45)

Master Castle List

Slovakia (3)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List
Bled Castle

Slovenia (26)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

Spain (8)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List
Svelda, Sweden Bara Castle

Sweden (3)

Master Castle List
Montebello Castle

Switzerland (27)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List
Denbign Castle

Wales (3)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

Canada (1)

Master Castle List, Master Castle List

The United States (19)








New York

Rhode Island

Washington DC

Washington State


Puerto Rico

We hope you enjoyed our Master Castle List; keep checking back and see how it grows.

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Master Castle List

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