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Random Finds: Back in the USA

Scranton, PA

As we take road trips or business trips in the US, we always seek local and authentic places to drink and dine. We have come across some impressive finds in our travels and will share them with you. There is no rhyme and reason to our order, just random cool places we discovered.

Wall Mural

Our favorite place to travel is overseas, as is evident from our blog. That said, we travel quite a bit in our homeland. Ryan has traveled for the work and the army, and Joelle travels with some volunteer work she does. Of course, we both travel to visit family and friends quite regularly, Joelle the most often. In 2020 we took a road trip to New England to work on the blog since Covid kept us from traveling overseas.

Ryan attended an army school last year (before Covid) and spent his free time visiting several Kentucky Whiskey distilleries. Therefore, he has some fun places he will be writing about. Joelle has been to all fifty states, mostly on business and for speaking engagements over the years. She was always amazed at all the wonderful surprises this country offers in the most unexpected places.

We seek out authentic and truly local places with experiences that are unique and special during our travels. We will share with you the ones that we enjoyed the most, those funky memorable ones you come to love and tell stories about.

What can you expect from Random Finds?

When traveling, food and drink are very much part of the cultural experience, especially in Europe, but here in the US as well. There are some incredible unique foods and traditions throughout the US. Even on business trips, we are firm believers that you should seek out local food and drink. Hey, you worked all day; the evening is made for fun.

We are both wine connoisseurs and love spending time visiting wineries in the US’s best and not-so-good regions. We plan to write posts on our favorite wineries, of course, the more fascinating ones that made our visit extra special. For example, Joelle had a business trip near Napa Valley, California, right before Covid. Once the workday was done, there were some amazing meals and drinks with her colleagues every night! Many tasting rooms stay open quite late there.

We have visited distilleries in the US and overseas. As we noted before, Ryan enjoyed lots of whisky tasting in Kentucky during his business trip there! He brought along some of his classmates and made it fun for everyone.

But wine and whisky are not our only interests.

Seeking local craft brews, especially in the family of dark beers, is what we do in any place we are in, whether together or separately. Joelle loves to bring two gifts home to her husband; hot sauces and local specialty beer.

As we find these incredibly unique gems, we will bring them to you here on our Random Finds page.

As always, if you have exceptionally great places you discover as you wander this country, let us know, and if we are in the area, we will check them out. Maybe, as a result, they will appear on our Random Finds page!!

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Red Shed Brewery and Taproom in Cooperstown, NY Random Finds: Back In the USA

Red Shed Brewery and Taproom Cooperstown, NY

As we travel our great homeland, we come across some fantastic gems. In Cooperstown, NY, we came across the fantastic Red Shed Brewery and Taproom. Handmade fresh craft beer made with local ingredients, pride, and passion.


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