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Welcome to Wanderers Compass

A Travel Blog for the Independent Traveler

Within all of us lies a Wanderer. There is a beautiful, fascinating world out there, awaiting our exploration. The wonder it brings is limitless. Wanderers Compass Travel Blog will awaken the Wanderer in you through storytelling, photography, destination info, and travel tips from our decades of experience. Whether it is your first trip or your 100th, no matter your budget, we will provide you the inspiration and tools to create your own independent and authentic life-changing travel adventure.

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

Mary Anne Radmacher

A bit more about our travel style and blog

We are two ordinary people with families and jobs. As a result, when we travel, we need to make every moment count. Once off that plane, we hit the ground running. Every detail of our trips we plan ourselves, and we often do our own driving. That allows us to go off the beaten path, which is a great way to gain authentic cultural experiences. For instance, when we turn down that single-lane dirt road, wander the tiniest of villages, grab a brew at the local pub or, walk down that ancient alley.

We are incredibly passionate about Castles; therefore, we seek them out on every trip. Our Castle Hunters page is dedicated to our castle adventures. Check it out here.

Launching a travel blog is a dream come true, and we are happy to have you join us on this journey. We ask you to bear with us as we build the Wanderers Compass Travel Blog. As we will add new content regularly, please check back often or join our community. We will send emails to update you on recent posts and happenings (promise no more than two emails a month).

Feedback is always welcome and encouraged so we can improve the experience for you, our readers.

Though we emphasize independent travel, we want this site to be a resource for all travelers.

Above all, we will encourage you to be a responsible and respectful global citizen that travels with confidence, determination, a kind heart, and open eyes. We also will address sustainability issues in travel and our role as travelers to reduce its impact on these beautiful places we are privileged to visit.

Welcome everyone to Wanderers Compass. May you Wander in Wonder and live the extraordinary.

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Manarola boy
Manarola, Cinque Terra, Italy

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