“Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world, you change things slightly; you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life — and travel — leaves marks on you.”

Anthony Bourdain
Spring in Scotland Destinations
Spring in Scotland

Countries Visited

The box below lists all the countries with travel guides, and the map reflects all the countries we have visited. To learn more about the destinations, click either the country on the list or the map. That will take you to the page dedicated to that country (note not all places on the map have a page associated with it yet).

Each country page has fun facts, country stats, demographics, culture, customs, map, emergency and embassy info, our favorite resources, when to visit, weather, and a stunning travel photo gallery. Any posts we have published in that country will be on that page. Our country travel guides will provide you with a wonderful resource to plan your next adventure.

Master Map on Destinations page Placeholder
Master Map on Destinations page

Our blog is in its early stages, and we have tons of material under development. In providing our readers with specific country info and sharing our travel stories, we are confident it will help you plan your next authentic travel adventure. We want you to experience the awe we do with each incredible destination we visit.

We never cease to be amazed at the wonder of travel. It is not always easy and throws some pretty impressive hurdles at you along the way. Over time, we have learned that those stories only make for a more extraordinary adventure in the end. The better prepared you are, though, those hurdles become just little bumps in the road and make for great storytelling.

In the meantime, as Wanderers Compass Destinations grows, check back often or join our Wanderers Compass community by clicking here to keep updated on our happenings.

Happy wandering!

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