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No matter your age, travel health can be a threat to the success of your trip. This can occur before or during your trip. You can use many interventions to mitigate that risk, especially during the trip. Joelle has had a long career as a nurse in the medical field. Within that role, she was passionate about education, believing firmly that when patients understand what is occurring, it empowers them to have a more active role in what is happening to them. The patient can then become their advocate, which is essential to get the care they deserve. This translates to travel health well.

The goal is to educate our readers on the role they can take in their health during travel. It is about being prepared and understanding how and why it is your best choice. By understanding, you will be more likely willing to take on the actions and behaviors needed to ensure you are in the best travel health for your adventure. Joelle has always believed no one is incapable of comprehending the whys. We often don’t give people enough credit, and if we explain it correctly and clearly, any layperson can learn.

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