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Our journey to travel blogging is one of dreams. The story began many years ago when a young man aspired to see the world. Endless hours captivated watching PBS, and Rick Steves had him craving to travel one day. Not for one second, though, did he believe it would ever happen.

Then, over a decade later, the opportunity arose where he could take a trip of a lifetime. Though nervous and apprehensive, he embraced the idea and dived right in. That incredible trip to several Western European countries was life-changing. He saw life through a different prism and started to believe dreams could come true. It would be the first of many trips to come.

The realization of more travel led to other inspired ideas. Early on, Ryan spoke about how he wished more of his fellow soldiers, some so beaten down by their service, could experience what he had. He often mentioned that we should start a travel blog. Still, it seemed only a pipe dream. A soldier and a nurse with no clue where to begin, with no tech experience whatsoever, in entirely different stages of their life, and living on opposite sides of the country, were clearly out of our league. But we took that leap and here we are today.

The old saying “It takes a village” beautifully applies to launching a travel blog on all levels. We would never have made it here without some fantastic people along the way, incredible resources, and a supportive network.

Up front, we want to state that having great resources does not reduce the work you will need. It should increase because you need to apply those lessons when you learn from them. Here is our advice from our experiences to date. We appreciated being warned about what was ahead and what to best prepare for.

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