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Red Shed Brewery Cooperstown Taproom

Taproom Red Shed Brewery

Cooperstown, New York, is this lovely little village that comes right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. It is known for being home to the famous Baseball Hall of Fame and sits on the southern tip of beautiful Lake Otsego. It is an area rich with recreational activities and natural beauty. In a world of the modernization of tourist destinations, Cooperstown has made all efforts to keep its authenticity and charm. It is a joy to wander. It draws an enormous amount of visitors every year, and due to this, the local area has expanded its offerings.

One of those new offerings is the award-winning micro-brewery Red Shed Brewery Cooperstown Taproom, which was by far our favorite location for fresh local craft beer in the Cooperstown area. We hit them all during our three-day stay, and Red Shed had it all. Atmosphere, uniqueness, style, great décor, delicious food, and the most important part, absolutely fantastic beer.

Family Run Brewery

Red Shed Brewery

This family-run brewery began when Jack Hasbrouk took a home brewing hobby and a vision and made it a dream come true. The family wanted to make a home-grown New York beer, using only locally sourced ingredients within an inviting setting that reflects this warm and welcoming community. They have two locations; we visited the Cooperstown Taproom. The other is their original location in Cherry Valley, NY, which is also where the brewery is located.

The Cooperstown Red Shed Brewery Cooperstown Taproom location has a family feel where you can enjoy a cold pint of Otsego Golden Ale or the Cherry Valley Smoked Porter. It is a relaxed setting inside the red shed or outside in their expansive beer garden and lawns. They have many events throughout the year, from weekly trivia or live music. The friendly staff knows their beers and loves to share their knowledge. This has a feel of a gathering place for the local community but would be welcoming to all baseball enthusiasts, tourists, and craft beer lovers.

Local Ingredients Commitment

Red Shed Brewery
Picture from the Red Shed Brewery Facebook page

The Red Shed Brewery Cooperstown Taproom is a licensed New York State Farm Brewery that is given when the brewery uses at least 60% of New York state ingredients. They are proud to use 100% of NY state hops and grains in their current portfolio. The beer is a handcrafted, fresh, traditional local beer that is produced in small-batch craft brews. They focus on fresh beer that has quality, style, and drinkability.

If you love it, as we did, you can take some home with you. Four-pack cans and kegs are available for purchase.

Our Experience at Red Shed Brewery and Taproom

Now to the beer. There are three options full pints (16 ounces), hens (10 ounces), and tasters (Four 4 ounces servings). There were 20 taps at the location we were at, and of course, we want to try as many as we can. We each chose three tasters, which includes 4 smaller 4 ounces servings of beer. We each chose different ones so we could get a wider sampling.

Red Shed Brewery

During our visit, we sampled about 12 of them, and at the time, they did have a sour that is not on the current menu. We visit breweries often, and how many we like can be a hit and miss. We rarely like them all. At the Red Shed Brewery Cooperstown Taproom, we were a fan of everything. We especially favor dark beers, and they had some perfect ones. It was truly a fun experience, and if in the area, we can’t encourage you enough to give them a try. You will be well rewarded.

At the time of our visit is was the Fall, and they multiple choices on the menu other than beer. Our alternative options included Awestruck Apples & Pear Cider and Awestruck Hibiscus Ginger Cider, and Blueberry Thyme Gose. We sampled all these; the Hibiscus Ginger Cider was our favorite.

If you prefer wine or nonalcoholic beverages they several choices on the menu.

The Beer Menu

This selection can change over time, but some will stay permanently on the menu. At the current time, the ones the website says that is on tap are:

Ostego (Golden Ale) 5.5% ABV

Jessica’s (Red Ale) 5.8% ABV

Loose Rooster (Double IPA) 8.0% ABV

Hop Harvest (Pale Ale) 6.2% ABV

Cloudy Girl (Hazy India Pale Ale) 6.5% ABV

Octoberfest (Marzen) 6.0% ABV

Henry’s (Hefeweizen) 5.1% ABV

Cherry Valley (Smoked Porter) 6.1% ABV

Stonehouse (Stout) 5.1% ABV

The Local (Dark English Mild) 4.2% ABV

Pumpkin (Saison-Style Ale) 6.3% ABV

Geordie Boy (Brown Ale) 5.8% ABV

Old Codger (Imperial Brown Ale) 8.5% ABV

Chocolatier (Stout) 7.4% ABV

Schwarzbier 4.4% ABV

Red Shed Brewery

Then there is the Food

What is beer without some great food? The food is provided by a food truck. As we likely have experienced, the food at many breweries is not the best. This was not the case at the Red Shed Brewery Cooperstown Taproom. Keeping their philosophy of staying true to using mostly New York State ingredients, they extend this to their food.

They have the usual snack items you find at breweries, such as jumbo Bavarian pretzel, chips & salsa tater tots, and fries. What they have that is unique is a wide choice of housemade sauces; a few include Ostego Golden Gouda Beer Cheese, Sunny Boy IPA mustard, Chipolte Honey Mayo, and Chipolte Crema. We tried a few, and they were good!! The menu has grass-fed burgers, falafel burgers, chicken sandwiches or strips, brioche grilled cheese, and chicken bbq. There are salads, and of course, being a family-friendly environment, there are many items on the menu the kids will love.

We enjoyed the food so much Joelle went back to the food truck to thank the staff and let them know how excellent the fare was. They were appreciative. When something is that good, we need to make an effort to acknowledge it.

When in the Cooperstown area, check out the Red Shed Brewery Cooperstown Taproom. If you are a beer aficionado, this special place will be memorable and the highlight of your trip.


Check out Red Shed Brewery Cooperstown Taproom webpage for more info


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